MTVN and Burst Media’s adConductor

September 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

MTVN announced their complete vertical network strategy today, launching their demographic-centered ad networks under the Tribes umbrella (MTV Enters Crowded Ad Network Sector – ClickZ). This is an exciting contribution to growth of the vertical network business, and a validation of the work that Burst Media’s adConductor platform can provide. They are a great partner for us and for the publishers they are working with.

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Entertainment Advertising Must be Genre-Specific

September 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Burst Entertainment Network

A challenge faced by media planners who work for the studios and production houses is finding the right advertising network for each movie release in a short amount of time. How do they buy media for each release in the time frame they are given, find relevant audiences to advertise these movies to and somehow gain exposure on the more engaging web sites on line?

Today, Burst Media introduces a solution to that problem, with the launch of the Burst Entertainment Network. At 21 million uniques and 70 million monthly impressions, it gets the word out fast to the right consumer. Great not only for films that attract a wide audience such as Superman, Batman, but also for genre-specific movie audiences like romantic comedy lovers, indie film devotees, and X-men fans. This new advertising network provides the most efficient way to reach these target audiences on sites selected based on the genre of the film. Our entertainment network can be quickly sub-divided into four specific genre-centered categories, providing a one-stop shop for advertising new releases online:

  • Action and Sci-Fi (men 18-34 years)
  • Kids and Family (women with children in household)
  • Comedy and Romance (men and women 18-34 years)
  • Independent (adults 35-54 years)

No more debate over which site or network of sites “might” work for advertising your upcoming movie and game releases. We hope you’ll agree!

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