Creative happens: The Cannes Cyber Lions.

July 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is a little late, but as a public service here is a link to the entries that made it to the Short List in the “Cyber Lions” category of the 2009 Cannes International Advertising Festival that wrapped-up a couple of weeks ago (below).

Rummage around. Is there a creative crisis on the Internet? Perhaps only a crisis of confidence. Spend some time with this year’s entries and you might find your confidence building. Some of the entries are positively brilliant, testifying to the ability of the human imagination to assume any shape and size.

Banners, buttons, boxes, cubes…the Internet is really a very big canvas.


(Please note: it appears that the actual creative execution of most Short List entries that did not medal have been taken down. Too bad. They deserve honorable mention. It is possible to still link to most of the winning examples.)

(Please also note:  that the Banner Concepts campaign that won Gold for Axion Youth Bank and its creative partner Boondoggle in Belgium is sooooo good. Start with this:

And then check out the banner concept:

Or, just click and find your own way.

…Sooooo good.

(Note to self: Must visit Belgium for Boondoggle.)

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