June 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I hooked-up the 3G + Wireless iPad to the Bose stereo yesterday in anticipation of showcasing its marvels to an old friend who is a true music aficionado with deep, deep reservoirs of knowledge about all things rock & roll. He and his wife were at the house for outdoor barbequing befitting the holiday weekend and I was looking forward to giving him access to virtually every piece of music ever recorded via iTunes and the iPad. Over the course of the evening he led me on an exploratory journey of Fleetwood Mac’s blues roots dating back to 1967 and founding member, Peter Green. I spent over $30 on new music, but I now have the original version of “Black Magic Woman” – which I always thought was a Santana song. I’m a better person for it, I’m sure.

I’m also sure I sold another iPad for Apple, bringing the total, according to a report by Steve Smith in MIN Online, to 2,000,001 iPads in 59 days. And that number went up again minutes ago when a colleague at Burst came in to proudly present her new iPad which she bought at lunch today at Costco. They were just unpacking the shipment when she got there. 2,000,002 in 60 days.

iPad has mojo. In MIN online Steve Smith writes:

“Even the most optimistic analyst projections expected iPad sales of 5 million units or so this year, but the current pace is well ahead of those estimates. RBC Capital is now predicting Apple will sell over 8 million iPad units worldwide this year. By our count of apps listed in the iTunes store, there are over 8,000 programs available for the iPad.”

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